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What is your pelvic floor?

The pelvic floor is made up of muscles and other tissues that form a sling from the pubic bone to the tailbone. These muscles assist in maintaining proper posture, supporting your abdominal and pelvic organs, and help to control bladder, bowel and sexual activity.

What is Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy?

Pelvic Floor Physical Therapy is a type of therapy focused on assessment and treatment of pelvic floor dysfunctions utilizing a wide array of treatments. These treatments may include manual therapy, soft tissue mobilization, therapeutic exercise, relaxation and breathing techniques, strengthening and biofeedback.

What kind of conditions do you treat?

We see patients with complaints of pelvic pain, prolapse, pain with sex, diastasis recti, and urinary leakage. We also treat back/hip/neck pain associated with pregnancy or postpartum. We have programs in place for women seeking preventative education and exercise as well as delivery preparation.

What type of patients do you treat?

We specialize in women who are pregnant, want to become pregnant, or who are post-partum.

Do you accept insurance?

We are an out-of-network provider meaning fee is due at the time of service. Our services would go towards your out-of-network benefits and you do have the option of submitting a claim for reimbursement after treatment. If you choose to do this, we will be happy to provide you with a detailed invoice and are willing to help guide you through the process.

We choose to be out-of-network in order to give you high quality, one-on-one care, for the full entirety of your treatment. This ultimately will mean quicker recovery, with fewer visits, while getting the personalized care and attention you deserve.

What kind of payment do you accept?

We accept cash, check, credit card, HSA, and FSA.

Do I need a referral from my medical doctor?

You do not need a referral but if you have one, great! If being treated in the Atlanta area, we can treat you for your initial evaluation and 21 days or a total of 8 visits, whichever falls first, without a doctor’s prescription. After that time, we will need to obtain a physician’s order to continue treatment. If in the Denver area, this is not necessary but a referral is always welcomed!

How long are the appointments?

Our initial evaluations last anywhere from 60-90 minutes and follow-up visits are typically 45-60 minutes.

What should I expect on my first visit?

Our main objective is to keep you comfortable and at ease. Remember, we have been in your shoes before!

The beginning of the visit will consist of an interview and discussion about why you are interested in therapy and what your goals and expectations are. You should be ready to answer questions about your health history, bathroom habits, exercise and diet routine, and yes, even your sex life. We don’t ask to be nosey or make you uncomfortable, but all of these components can be vital in developing your plan of care.

Next, a postural and musculoskeletal assessment will be performed and we will determine if an internal exam of your pelvic floor is necessary. We will thoroughly explain, step-by-step, what you should expect and provide visuals of the exact musculature we will be assessing. We will ask your consent prior to any portion of this exam and you have the right to change your mind at anytime. Just let us know.

After our thorough assessment, we will collaborate to develop a treatment plan best suited for you.

Do you really have to do an internal exam?

The internal exam is the best way for us to truly assess your pelvic anatomy and get a good baseline for your strength, control and impairments. However, if you feel uncomfortable, you have every right to refuse this part of the assessment. If this is the case, we will still be able to develop an appropriate plan of care with all of the other information we’ve gathered, but it is possible progress may be slowed or plateaued due to us missing the last piece of the puzzle.

What should I wear for my visits?

Put on those yoga pants, ladies! Wear something that is comfortable and will allow you to have the freedom to move. We will be asking you to walk, squat and do certain movements, and in most cases, will request you to undress from the waist down for a small portion of the assessment.

I’m pregnant. Is it safe to come to see you?

Yes. Pregnancy can often lead to back pain, neck pain, groin pain, weakness, ligamentous laxity, misalignment and/or diastasis recti, just to name a few. We feel it is vital for women to seek out treatment for any of these conditions in order to make pregnancy more enjoyable! We can also educate on a wide variety of topics to help ensure an easier and quicker postpartum recovery!

If an internal examination is warranted, we request a sign off from you OBGYN or midwife prior to examination.

I’m on my period. Can I still come to PT?

Definitely. Menstruation is not a contraindication for physical therapy treatment. As long as you are comfortable, we can continue with your treatment sessions during this time.

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