our story

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The Modern Mommy “love story” began 5 years ago when Kelley and her husband moved in next door. Our golden retrievers excitedly greeted one another in the front yard and we quickly found out we had an eerie amount of things in common. Not only were we both physical therapists, but we also shared similar values, hopes, dreams and a strong sense of faith. A friendship quickly blossomed. Over the next few years, this friendship became a source of strength and support through some of life’s most significant milestones.

One night, over a glass of wine and our eyes glued to our baby monitors, we began to discuss the difficulties of balancing mom-life, work, traveling husbands, and raising toddlers. The conversation got deeper and we began to confess our post-partum struggles and how they had initially affected our marriage, friendships and self-worth. We both expressed our passion for wanting to educate other women that these common post-partum issues are actually treatable and women should not accept them as normal. However, we knew how hard it was to find the time to seek self-care. This was the essential element that inspired us to develop Modern Mommy Physical Therapy.

Modern Mommy is designed to provide women with easy access to one-on-one physical therapy in the comfort of their own home. Our goal is to help make your self-care a priority.